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MTF Mafia Game #50


Game Basics
The game:
There are two factions - the Arseclowns and the Mods. The objective is to eliminate the other team. The Arseclowns attempt to identify and vote the Mods to be purged during the daytime voting. The Mods ban one Arseclown during the night and try to keep their identities hidden.
The Roles: All players play the game based on their assigned roles. The roles will be allotted randomly and given out by the game manager at the beginning of the game.

Winning Criteria
The Arseclowns win if they kill all the Mods.
The Mods win if they reach parity with the Arseclowns.
(The counting for parity will only happen at the end of a phase)

Arseclown Roles
Unbiased Analyst
: Analyses a player at night. Will be told whether the player is a mod or an arseclown. Appeal mod will appear as an arseclown.
Pusher: Defends a player at night. If the selected player was to be banned that night, he or she is not banned. Does not affect gun shots.
Double Account: Starts the game with a gun(with one bullet). The gun can be fired at night. Role is not revealed when the gun is shot.
Goodrepper: GoodReps a player at night. That player randomly receives either a gun or a vest. Goodrepper does not know what that player receives.

  • Guns can only be used at night. Gun shooter is revealed with 50% probability. Having multiple guns is possible.
  • Vests block gunshots. Vests are destroyed once used to block a shot. Double vesting is possible. Vests do not work against lynching or mod's ban hammer.
Negrepper: Reps a player at night. That player gets an additional vote against him/her the following day. Can not rep himself.
vGambler: Gambles on a player he thinks will get banned that night. If he is correct he receives a gun.
Blogger: Selects a player during each night. If the Blogger dies, the last player the blogger visited successfully has their role revealed in public.
Faker: Chooses a player on each night. If that player is banned that night or lynched in the following day phase, the Faker assumes their role. Cannot become a Mod. Has no special powers before assuming a new role. Will only be told which role he assumes.
Twins: Your only ability is that you know the identity of your other twin. You are allowed to PM each other.
WTATard: Loves gossiping. Can send an anonymous message to another player. Sends a PM to the Game Master, which is then forwarded to the concerned player. The WTAtard's message should not reveal his identity.
Tard: Regular arseclown with no special abilities.

Mod Roles
All mods start as a team. Decide on a person to permaban(ban) during each night.
Admin: Strips the abilities and gifts(guns/vests) of a selected player once.
Mugerator (along with the Admin): Start as a team. Decide on a person to permaban(ban) during each night. Can not ban the appeal mod.
Appeal Mod: Blocks the night activities of a selected player. Can not block a fellow mod.

Game Master
Allocates the roles and conducts the game.

Game Mechanics
The game alternates between night and day phases. All special abilities and gifts are used during the night. Generally, day and night periods will be 16-18 hours long.

Day: Every player votes for a person to be eliminated in the daily vote/lynching. Voting is done by posting the name of a player in bold. You can change your vote once each day.
Alternatively, you can No Vote by posting the same. Can only be done if you have voted the previous day. Can not be done on Day #1. Doing so for a second consecutive day is the same as not voting that day.

Not voting gets you a vote against yourself that day. Doing so two days in a row gets you two votes against yourself on the second day. And so on.

Night: Players with gifts and special abilities may perform their nightly activities if they wish to. The special roles' activities are performed by sending the Game Master a PM in which the action is explained. You can change your decision only once.

Order in which the night actions happen:
Admin -> Appeal Mod -> Faker -> WTATard -> Blogger -> vGambler -> Goodrepper -> Negrepper -> Pusher -> Double Account -> Mods Permaban -> Shots Fired -> Unbiased Analyst

Points of Clarification

  • Mods should add the entire Mod team(that has banning powers) in the recipients list of the PM.
  • The Admin's strip only works on future roles. So, if the admin strips the blogger, if the blogger has selected someone successfully before, that person's role will be revealed when the blogger dies.
  • Using your night role on yourself is not permitted.
  • The Blogger and Faker should send me their chosen player on each night, even if it is the same player repeatedly.
  • If the Faker chooses a Mod, and the mod dies, the Faker does not become a mod, and can continue using their power until they assume another Arseclown's role.
  • When the Faker is killed or lynched, they will always be referred to as the Faker, no matter which role they have assumed.
  • If blocked on the night you shoot a gun, the gun is considered unused. If the bullet hits a vest, it is used. If two players shoot the same person, both guns are considered used.
  • The game master must send all PM responses before ending the night in the thread, but players can't use gifts or that information before the night phase concludes.
  • A player can shoot multiple guns in the same night(if they have them).
  • The player who is stripped will always be informed by the manager that they were stripped. Even if they did not have a night role.
  • A blocked player is only informed that he is blocked if his role requires a response PM by the manager or if he shot a gun that night.
  • If a Goodrepper has successfully given a gift, the manager must inform the recipient. Even if the gift is a vest.
  • UA must always get a PM response from the manager.
Important Rules
1. Explicit role claiming is not allowed(not even for false claims). Subtle hints are allowed. You can not explicitly mention what is a hint and what is not. Punishments as applicable**.
2. Information obtained during the night or your night action can not be explicitly revealed. Subtle hints are allowed. Punishments as applicable**.
3. When you are dead you are not allowed to reveal anything you learned before you death, nor allowed to reveal anything you suspect based on reading the thread. You are allowed to post in the thread, but please refrain from revealing things.
4. You are not allowed to communicate with each other about the game outside of this thread unless you are mods and know each other. This includes any and all forms of communication. If someone tries to communicate with you outside this thread please let me know. Punishments as applicable**.
5. Nights or days should not be cut short under any circumstances.

**Breaking a rule will be punished based on the severity of the offence(to be decided by the game master). This can range from a warning to getting additional votes against yourself to being banned completely.

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You can commit now! I will try to run this one.

Hopefully we get enough players to make it happen.

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Sorry can't.

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Id play

Ace Loveforty
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well. i'm home most of time so I'd play but forum is dead

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I’ll take this as 3 in so far.

I’ll do my best to explain all the rules to any new guys.

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Thanks for trying BMT

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I might play depending on if we get enough people.

We need to bring back the hidden playertard. Instead of leaving town at night though they get infected with the virus and have to self isolate for the night. 14 nights would be a bit much.
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