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MTF first movie production: THE OVERVIEW

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I saw thread about real tennis matches.. We could also start movie production..

The movie is about an abduction of George W Bush and moving him to an unknown place where he faces the law over his illegal war on Iraq.. He will be sentenced 5 years, but the US military will try to abduct Bush again, instead of nuking the country that actually abducted Bush they will nuke another country that produces lots of oil after an advice from few politicians including Bush brother.. The movie will end by the abductors sending Bush to Texas again cause he talks a lot nonsense..

What do you think?
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It's a sad state of affairs when the trials of Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld are considered to be in the realm of fiction. Sure, go, make it if you want. What do I care? :shrug:

...although, this topic isn't about that. Its about trying to bait Americans so you can critique the entire country for Hollywood making the Interview, right?
:lol: what is this?
If it's an MTF movie, why not make it about MTFers?
Sounds like a job for Walt Disney.
Sweet Cleo is the biggest fraud this site ever saw. I can't believe she has actually convinced people that she is some sweet strange manic depressive European girl. I would bet a lot that that user's IP address is in the USA

half of the topics 'she' brings up involve world politics or things directly pointing back to the USA

ALSO: that movie idea is possibly the worst I have ever had the displeasure of reading. Bush isn't some criminal at any rate, shut up, if only you had a clue on how difficult it is to make international policy decisions and please everyone or appear in the right light. he tried that's for certain, and trying with goodwill deserves some credit. at any rate I don't find your faux political comments cute SweetCleo, and your absurd threads are as easy to see through as a ghost on the night before Christmas
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I would bet a lot that that user's IP address is in the USA
Has my English improved you now think I am American? I am trying to improve my bad English, you give me hope.. :D
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