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First 16 to sign up get a a slot.

Every 3 days a housemate will be evicted until only 1 remains.

Each player will PM 2 nominations and why on nomination days. The 2 with most votes face eviction. (Again votes)

There will be tasks to win immunity from nominations each time.

There will be daily tasks to prove your worth to the house. There will be a rich side and poor side splitting you in teams throughout the game. Tasks will give you opportunity to move side. Rich side will nominate 2, poor side only 1.

Poster may post things to get brownie points.

Such as "IBM cleans kitchen" and so on. Or bring up interesting topics just to be a nice guy/gal.

Lets see whos is the best housemate on MTF.

Deadline is when reach 16 "In"
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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