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(an Original idea by sfar.)

Welcome to MTF's Best Song Game!

84th edition:
Around the World in 20 Days

Theme chosen by Ilkae:

"Let's explore music from around the world. Each entry (= band/musician) shall be from a different country. Thus, whenever a submission is made, that country is no longer eligible - first come first serve basis. In case of a band with members from multiple countries, the country they are most identified with, or where the band originated from / were formed in, will be the one they represent in this game. Ultimately decided by the manager. Furthermore, England, Scotland, Wales and North Ireland are all eligible separately."

How to play?
It's very easy! Every game, the winner of the previous edition chooses a theme. Every player sends a song to the manager via PM (don't make it public!) that meets the criteria and after a period of time a playlist is created. Then it's all about listening music, picking your favorite songs and sending your votes to the manager. The song with the most points wins!

How long does the game last?
Games usually last around 20 days (8 days for nomination + 12 days for voting phases), so don't worry, there's plenty of time.

1) Songs Submission Phase: Here you choose a song that complies with the game's theme and send a YouTube link to the manager. This phase lasts around 8 days.

(If two or more players happen to send the same song, the manager will accept the first player's choice and request the others to send a different song. All this will be done privately via PM. You are also allowed to change your submission 2 times.)

2) Voting Phase: You'll have around 12 days to listen to the playlist and send the manager your votes.

(The voting format is explained below. You are allowed to change your vote 1 time.)

3) Final Ceremony: This is where the manager reveals who submitted each song and how many points it got! The ceremony takes place shortly or soon after Phase 2 ends.

(Remember, dates and time will be provided by the manager but they are not set in stone. If it's needed, the manager might change them with previous notice.)

How to vote?
After listening to the playlist, you send your favorite songs via PM to the manager (= Ilkae in this case) in one of the following formats. Note that you can't vote for your own song. The voting format depends on how many people play:

1) If 27 players or fewer participate, you vote for 10 songs ranked from top to bottom and numbered like this:

[U]12 Points:[/U] Your favorite song
[U]10 Points:[/U] 2nd favorite song.
[U]8 Points:[/U] 3rd favorite song.
[U]7 Points:[/U] (...)
[U]6 Points:[/U] (...)
[U]5 Points:[/U] (...)
[U]4 Points:[/U] (...)
[U]3 Points:[/U] (...)
[U]2 Points:[/U] (...)
[U]1 Point:[/U] (...)
2) If 28 or more players participate, the manager will host Semifinals. In each Semifinal, you vote for 10 songs as in the previous example. After the semi-finals the manager will publish a list of those songs that have reached the Final and you should vote again. Remember that even if your song doesn't make it through to the Final, you are still allowed and indeed requested to vote in the Final!

What if you don't vote?
If you don't vote, or vote for fewer songs than requested, then you will receive a penalty like this:

1) If you don't vote at all, your song will lose the maximum amount of points. (12 points)

2) If you vote for fewer songs, you will receive penalty points in reverse order of the points awarded (to the songs) in the particular voting format. (9 votes -> 1 point penalty, 8 votes -> 2 points penalty and so on)

Additional info
1)If the same song is sent by more than one player, the manager is supposed to ask the second and further players to choose another song.

2) The manager is required to send her/his own votes to MWW (click here), not later than 48 hours before the respective voting deadline (also in semifinals), else the manager's votes will not count.

3) Submission & vote changes: you are allowed to change your submission 2 times, and your vote 1 time.

4) Tiebreak criteria (for songs tied in points after the voting):
1st = amount of sets of top points received. 2nd (if still tied) = amount of 2nd highest points received. And so on.

5) The ideal duration for a 'midsized' BSG edition is 20-21 days: 8 for Nominations, 12 for Voting, 1 for transition or extensions.
The manager is however free to move the dates or extend that duration quite a bit.

6) Late votes: It's common practice in BSG to count late votes until the actual start of the results revelation (or Ceremony).
That could make things tough for the manager though. It's alright if the manager announces (shortly) in advance that the deadline will be strict, but then really no late votes can be accepted (as situations where the manager can arbitrarily decide if a vote counts, could be abused for results manipulation).

7) Here are some helpful links for new managers: Spreadsheet template and Previous Winners List.

8) "Best Song Game" is a simple and catchy label, but one of the purposes of this game is to discover new music.

Past Editions

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I'll update the "used countries" list whenever I've received submissions. Will make a new update post each time or edit the latest one if new submissions arrive while editing the post is still possible (24h window I believe).

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Countries no longer available (20x; March 12th)

Hong Kong

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Guinea, wow. Cannot wait to see that entry.

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There are three Guineas, which one isn't available?
Republic of Guinea / Guinea-Conakry. Seemingly this former French Guinea is the one that's referred to as simply Guinea, while the former Spanish and Portugese colonies have an additional term/label in the name (Equatorial Guinea and Guinea-Bissau).

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I was thinking of submitting from Hong Kong, will have to find something else.

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I watched this long time ago, and also the miniseries with Pierce Brosnan in the main role. That one also featured several guest stars. (y)

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Considering our health system and people idiocy we will have high numbers soon
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