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Obviously inspired by the topic that "I do not like Djokovic".

The question is if the person goes out to be liked by everyone will he do justice to himself? Monfils is well liked by almost everyone, the players and the fans alike, but at the end of the day his position in Tennis is that of an entertaining Clown. He is not a winner , despite the immense talent, he remains a Clown in people's eyes/

He did well to be liked by everybody but will he himself like Monfils as a Player? That is the Question.

Federer did well to be liked and be a winner at the same time but most of his wins were in a weaker Era, You could debate that, but at the end of the day it was a weaker Era.

Should a Player go around to be "liked" by everybody or play as best as he can to leave a Mark in the Tennis World?
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