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Bjorn Borg faces McEnroe at Wimbledon, Borg playing the match of his life. I watched this match on ESPN Classic and my computer, I'm only 20 years of age... The entire time ... I'm thinking...

"Borg is good ... what a forehand "
"Does he ever miss ... my god he's good "
"Borg showed up to kick ass"

McEnroe, relentless, gives it his all, all 160lbs of his body left out on the court ... he's throwing the kitchen sink at Borg ... IceBorg still calm, cool and collected ... wearing that same bland facial expression.

Borg, too good in the end, one too many passing shots, too much heart and soul, Borg prevails ... my god ... what a champion he was and that is why he is #2 on the list of all time greats ...

Pete Sampras, 2001, takes on Roger Federer, this kid is not nearly the player that he's evolved into now ... young ... about the age I am now ... takes Pete out in 5 ... Pete walks to net for a hand shake, looking dejected and exhausted after the young Federer dethrones him ... never again would Sampras win Wimbledon...

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most memorable list:

1. agassi wins the FO in '99. 'nuff said!
2. sampras vs courier in the AO where sampras cried and still won
3. sampras vs corretja where sampras still won despite barfing all over due to illness
4. ivanisevic vs rafter in wimby'01
5. sampras vs agassi in '95 USO. especially during the 20+long rally on set point, which spawned the popular nike commercial
6. roddick vs el ayanoui in AO. they lent their rackets to the ball boys to play one point during their 5hr+ long match
7. federer vs safin in 2005 AO
8. nadal vs federer in 2005 miami
9. ashe quits the match after being berated by his opponent verbally. later, ashe was awarded the match due to his opponent's behavior (maybe this is something hewitt can learn from)
10. kuerten, out of nowhere, won his first FO (was it '96 or '97?) wearing his famous blue and yellow attire
11. sampras vs rafter in wimby. sampras broke the record here, wning his 13th slam.

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Guga drawing a heart on the clay in RG 2001 after saving a match point against Russell in the 4th round, then repeating after winning the final against Corretja, lying on its center:hearts: Memorable:yeah:

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1) Federer def Sampras Wimby 2001, amazing performance by a kid in a ponytail smiling at the girls in the crowd. How times have changed
2) Ivanisevic def Rafter Wimby 2001, I was so sad for Rafter but also so happy for Goran. Did anyone really think Goran had a shot at the title?
3) Federer def Roddick TMC 2003, awesome performance by Federer and finally shuts the old man up
4) Federer def Agassi TMC 2003
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