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today was another great day! I woke up late and I got dressed to go out into the medina for a walk and to buy thing that annoys me every time I'm outside is the lack of respect for the culture here; there will be groups of tourists walking around wearing booty shorts and tank tops and you just don't do that here. nobody will say anything to you about it but the men will think you're easy and you're making yourself look like an ignorant person by disregarding a country's culture. I wear whatever I want around the house but I make sure my shoulders and my legs are covered up before I go out. yeah it's a hassle when it's 100 degrees outside but it's just common courtesy.

I'm an american to all outside appearances (technically I'm a swede) and the people are so friendly here anyway, regardless of what horror stories you've heard about americans in arabic countries. I'm mistaken for being french a lot because americans are very few in number here but everyone welcomes me in whatever language. I've been invited for mint tea by several people who don't even speak english and my neighbors are very excited to teach me their language by pointing at random objects and telling me the words for them in arabic.

the only slightly freaky part is when the men follow you; normally it's obnoxious teenage boys who'll trail you and try to talk to you. one time I had a guy (who was walking backwards with his friends in front of me) rap to me in french while making overly dramatic hand gestures like he was auditioning for a part in romeo and juliet :p those ones are just a bit funny but the silent guys who just follow you are kinda creepy. I'd recommend not going alone if you don't feel like you can handle that kind of stuff.

it's 4:45, I'm too sleepy to continue :eek:
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