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What a weekend...

If you're a Ferrari supporter, you've gotta agree with Felipe - it's definitely a weekend to forget.

First, Felipe crashed his car into the barriers (he had some accidents during the Thursday free practice sessions as well!)

And then comes the most interesting part of the weekend - the final fast-laps of the qualifying session. I have to take side with Schumi, really - if you believe it's an innocent mistake, you're going to believe what he tells you. If you have a pre-defined perception on Schumacher and the Ferrari team, that they're don't always show the best sportsmanship in the sport, you're going to think it was a deliberate move. My question is - would that be a necessary move? What if Alonso did take pole, bumping Schumacher down to 2nd place? He'd still up there on the line-up, wouldn't he? With the pace he was showing, he'd still be able to run a strong race - and maybe win another pit-stop poker, and win the race. I don't think all would be lost if he didn't get that pole position. I don't think, with his reputation and stature, he'll cheat with the smallest of thing. It just doesn't appear to be a logical tactical move - at least not for an ignorant like me.

Whatever it is, he paid the penalty for the unfortunate happening, and I hope people will just let it go already...

Stripped of pole, Schumacher started from the pits and managed to salvage 5th place. *Sigh* Imagine what kind of damage he could do to the "World Champion" if he wasn't penalized (and start from 2nd)...

Once again, bad luck for Kimi... Oh dear... When will his run of rotten luck end?!
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