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Monday, August 5, 2002

Center Court - Start at 11:00AM
N. Kiefer vs. M. Mirnyi
Not before 1:00PM
Y. El Aynaoui vs. A. Agassi
M. Norman vs. JM. Gambill
Start at 7:00PM
G. Rusedski vs. M. Safin
T. Martin vs. T. Robredo

Grandstand - Start at 11:00AM
Y. Kafelnikov vs. R. Schuettler
Not before 12:30PM
I. Ljubicic vs. R. Federer
N. Lapentti vs. A. Costa
T. Enqvist vs. S. Koubek
Start at 7:00PM
A. Pavel vs. J. Blake
A. Clement vs. F. Gonzalez

Court 3 - Start at 11:00AM
Black/Ullyett vs. Leach/Macpherson
W. Ferreira vs. M. Zabaleta
J. Boutter vs. X. Malisse
Cibulec/Vacek vs. Florent/Hewitt
G. Coria vs. JI. Chela

Court 4 - Start at 11:00AM
Llodra/Santoro vs. Damm/Suk
S. Schalken vs. F. Mantilla
D. Sanguinetti vs. J. Bjorkman
HT. Lee vs. B. Ulihrach

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wow, my boy Max gets the first match on Centre Court!:bounce: :bounce:

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lurker said:
GAG!!! No need to set the VCR on Monday. Gagassi, Gambill, Safin and Martin again. And I'm willing to bet it's Sampras and Henman on Tuesday. UGH!!!
I just hope they don't get caught up in showing Sampras's matches in full again. "We have been promising to show Andy Roddick all week, along with other prominent players, but they are all doing fine in their matches and frankly, Pete is much more interesting" ::gag::

I want to see Roddick's 1RD match because I wanna see my boy Michel again! Even if PattyMac makes fun of him.

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YAYAYYAYAYAYYAY I GET TO SEE AGASSI AND GAMBILL AND NORMAN TODAY!!!! (HOORAY I HAVE NEVER EVER SEEN MAGNUS PLAY ON TV, BUT THINK IT IS WONDERFUL THAT HE CAME BACK FROM SUCH A DEVASTATING INJURY) I think i might be able to see James Blake tonight as well. So excited! (and I don't generally like men's tennis as much as women's tennis, but the women have terrible tv coverage so I never get to see them. :sad: )
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