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:haha: I had the first of I think 5 mock exams preparing for the finals. Some others were as nervous as if it was the real exam. They ran around like headless chickens, flushing the toilet every 2 minutes. :lol: HELLOHO, this is only a testrun. :haha: But it's good to know the toilets work. :rolleyes:

What else can I tell you today? It's getting colder everyday. I was very brave and took my bike to uni. :tape: As I'm a little bit muddle-headed at times I forgot my scarf, hat and obligatory gloves. :rolls: My skin went blue. :lol: My ears already hurt, guess I won't get rid of a constant underlying cold that gets better from time to time to get worse the rest of the time... Nice winter ahead. :ras:

Don't get me wrong, I love winter and snow as long as I can go outside to snowboard. But this wet and cold and foggy stuff out there... :rolleyes:

Hey, I've got a day off tomorrow which wasn't on my schedule. :woohoo: I'll go shopping and afterwards to the thermal baths for a nice jacuzzi, a massage and sauna. :) :yippee: I think I deserve that after riding my bike today without any winter clothes... Or should I be punished??? :aplot: Let me know... :lol:
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