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MLB Strike: For The Idiot Ball Players And Owners

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I couldn't agree more :(

It is a shame for fans of baseball is this happens.

It isn't a shame for me, since I dont really care about baseball... but meh :(
Becca Agreeing With Me?:eek: Has Hell Really Frozen Over?:eek:
Barrie, I agree with you about this :(

And when hockey season begins again, I will agree that it wouldnt' be SUCH a terrible thing if Detroit won again :p
Becca on the Red Wings bandwagon? A Toronto traitor! ;)

The sad things is this: We know the fans will come back after the Strike. Will a lengthy Strike do serious damage to Baseball? Yes. Will the fans come back? Yes.
I dont think they will all come back the cat.

Maybe in the USA, but the Canadian teams are doing shite enough as it is.

This will pretty much nail the coffin shut.

Which is fine, if people want to keep it in the USA.
And not just the fans! What about the people that have made a living being the vendors and cleanup crews, etc........THEY might not be able to pay there bills............selfish bastards!
Dam Ballplayers!:mad:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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