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Yes, like I said in the Live Scores thread, the match was of unbelievable quality, considering we had a young and unexperienced player against Canas, who doesnt hold exactly a great record in finals. They both went for it a lot, and both had to WIN the points, since again they both were superb on defense.
Youzhny stepped it up on 1-4, and when Canas was serving 4-2 40-15 he had a double fault. That was the key point, and the russian didnt give Guille a chance anymore.
As I said, Misha especially impressed me, his backhand is just WOW :eek: Ill keep both my eyes open and will follow his chances on the hard courts. His aggressive game, wonderful backhand and killer forehand suit a lot the hard.
Good luck to him!
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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