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Haas lost to Karlovic first round in Munich today. Most displeased, especially since a live stream had been discovered, and we could have watched him *play* this week. But nooo.

Hitherto this season, he had 6 defeats, 3 Federer, 1 Gasquet, and 2 retirements. That was impressive. Losing to Karlovic the dangerous floater is not like losing to some of the players Roddick lost to in the worst of his slump, but it's not Federer/Gasquet material either.

Wow, I'm not happy. Safin on later, but I try not to invest too much emotional energy in relying on him to win. The only time I got really disappointed was when he had Valencia in the bag after defeating Gaudio and rolled his ankle. Kind of like Haas having Houston in the bag after defeating Roddick and hurting his wrist. That was really not a good day.
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