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this match was played on Court 6, which has no lights. For some reason two men's matches were scheduled, with play starting at 3:00. Dodig and Kamke got on around 5:00.

It ended at 7:49 PM Eastern was borderline pitch black. Darker than Nadal-Federer at Wimbledon. As dark as Monfils at the French Open. The only real light was from the scoreboard on the side fence. Fans could hardly see the ball, I have no idea how the players could. Even so, they were still having incredible rallies even as late as the third-set tiebreaker. Both played well, especially Dodig. Dodig had some crowd support, but not rowdy. Kamke and Mohamed were at each others throats the entire match.

After match point, Kamke broke his racket and launched it 50 yards out of Court 6 and onto Court 5. Needless to say there was no handshake with Mohamed, however the handshake between the players was relatively nice.

Mohamed stuck around after, as did Dodig. They had a discussion with each other and Mohamed was talking to multiple supervisors and one other chair umpire (one of the two Egyptian guys). From the conversations, neither player called for the match to be stopped otherwise Mohamed said he would have stopped it. Mo asked Dodig "what happened out there" (with Kamke), and Dodig just said that Mohamed did everything right and the calls were good.

Absolutely wild shit.
As dark as Monfils :speakles: I know it was not meant to be racist though :p
Thanks for the report :wavey:
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