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Message for Kim fans

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Don't despair!

The Classy Clijsters' Lounge is down right now due to problems out of our control. Nwando and I are working on solutions.

The Clijsters City website is still up (at least the latest headlines are), although not regularly, is out of our control too as we are hosted by wtaworld.

But again, we are working on a permanent solution.

Please bear with us for the time being.

I was as astonished as everyone this morning, seeing all down, I suppose. :fiery: :sad:

Again, we will come back, better than ever! :bounce:

Like to thank every Kim fan for the interest in Clijsters City and messageboard CCLounge. Thanks y'all! :kiss:
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:kiss: For Ingird and Nwando!! Everything will work !!! Thanzk for all the effort you guys have put in !!! :kiss: :kiss:
good luck with sorting out the problems guys :bounce:
Don't worry we'll all be patient :) Glad to see y'all are still working hard even though the site is down! :kiss:
As long as WTAworld is down again, please use the Kim thread in the wta section on ATPworld for anything you would normally post in CCL.

To go there: go to non-tennis, then browse down 'til the forum jump, select wta there, and there you are.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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