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I had a great week this week…I spent all of it visiting friends and family and laughing until my stomach hurts. that's the way holidays should be.

and FINALLY I found someone who loves basshunter as much as me!! I introduced basshunter to my opera and oldies-loving friend and we were jamming to DotA while sharing my new earbuds, which are amazing by the way- if anyone is a big techno fan or bass fan in general then get the v-moda bass freqs. they have amazing bass although I keep getting scared shitless by people sneaking up on me since I can't hear a fucking thing. it's like a game to them now, I think they're gonna start carrying around a measuring tape and whoever can make me jump the highest out of my chair wins or something. anyway I'm writing this blog while I'm burning a copy of a CD for her with my favorite techno/eurodance/trance songs. nothing says christmas like cheesy eurodance.

we all got up early thanks to my nieces' Christmas anxiety so I've been awake for hours already…it was fun but also exhausting. my surprise visitor from pakistan is very jetlagged so it's only early afternoon here but the 10 hour time difference plus the 20+ hour flight means that he's already fast asleep, probably for the rest of the day. I'm just going to let him sleep and enjoy my day with the girls, while I laugh at all the crazy music he listens to. although it does make me grudgingly smile that he must have been listening to this song because it came up when I woke up his ipod. I don't know what all the lyrics mean but he used to sing it to me so it's cute. I'm assuming that some of the lyrics don't mean "fuck off and die" or something.

I’ve probably gained like 10 lbs this week already because everybody bakes since they can’t think of anything to give me as a gift…I have more cookies than I’ve ever seen in one place in my life and I’ve been eating them in front of the tv while wrapping Christmas presents for the last few days. it would be rude not to, right?

tomorrow I'm going day after christmas shopping (shoot me) and then I'm going to start filling out applications. I'm taking a semester off from school and then I'm applying to go to the american university in cairo and al akhawayn in morocco to take some classes there. it's time for a new phase in my life, insha'allah...I'm excited about it. I just got my packet of info from the american university in cairo and it came with this CD that I haven't had the chance to look at yet but I'm leaning towards egypt anyway. al akhawayn is really nice though, the city itself (ifrane, morocco) feels like switzerland or something. it's really laid back and all the buildings look like chalets. it doesn't feel like other parts of maroc but there are still crazy people trying to sell you rocks while you're drinking coffee at an outdoor cafe so the experience is still semi-genuine. I have some thinking to do about where to go.

upon re-reading this entry, I realized I really need to work on my bad cursing habit...can someone develop late-onset tourette's? it's getting a bit ridiculous now. yesterday I was going to get movies with my sisters and I forgot the dvds we had to return and I yelled FUCK at the top of my lungs. yeah, that was awkward.

and now my cd is done burning and I'm going to watch little miss sunshine with whoever is here before cooking christmas dinner. hope everyone's christmas was great :wavey:
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