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First, I'm sorry for the lack of news.

There are different reasons :

1- the blog didn't work at that period for me, don't know if it was especially for me because I didn't post any messages in the forums or if it was just a technical problem, well, now, I'm happy that everything is working again :banana:

2- As the tennis season was a bit off, I wasn't very focused on it, and wanted to "escape" a little bit from this world. The TMS Bercy ended bad for me, and the mood was not good afterwards, maybe because I expected more regarding Gonzo's results, even I spent good moments there especially with my friends. I think I was more disappointed than him. Well, it's stupid because when you come back to earth, you realise that he did a great year. He was too tired at the end, sure after 3 straights finals lol

I was happy to read that Carlos was still playing, and that Gonzo won the SA tennis award, congrats man :hug: it was totally deserved !!

3- I had a lot of work at the agency. We were preparing the Christmas and the NY's trips, and I hate selling this period, too complicated, because it's full very early in the season. I was happy because I created a package to Sweden and we sold it very well. I hope the feedbacks will be good. Our first clients left on friday, for Christmas. It will be a stressy week for us, especially because there's a lack of snow in the north :(

Also, I had to finish to create my products for the summer 2007 in Sweden. There are two new products, my superiors decided to include it in the brochure, so I'm very happy. It was stressy because I had to work during the week-ends on these products, I didn't have the time to do it during my working hours. And, this week, had to create a product instead of my colleague to Estonia, cause she didn't have the time to do it.

The atmosphere is a little bit better at work, because the colleague I don't like is working at home :) but everyday she sends us some emails always complaining for nothing. On friday, her mother and my former boss (who is still working at the agency) offered to one of my colleague a present for Christmas. My former boss waited that I was away to give her the present. Well, I have some bad relationships with my former bosses since my new boss took the control of the agency (last november). My colleague (who is the daughter of the former boss has bad relationships with the new boss) is a bit jealous of my work. My new boss realised that I have been underestimated during all these years, and since the others realised that, I have some problems with the former bosses. My former boss is going to retire very soon, so I'm very happy. 2006 has been my best year so far at work, so I hope it will continue in 2007 !!!

What i did during this time off the MTF !!!

I watched the first season of 24 lol lol lol
One colleague who is taking care of the figures at work (the former one has been fired), told me to watch 24, we have Prison break in common. She liked a lot. My friend Aurélie, watched 24 so she told me that it was ok.

So, I watched the first season in several days. Now, I have to watch the other seasons. I'm not addicted to it, not like Prison Break. I bought the DVD of the 1st season :)

Christmas is coming... I hate this period to be honest, and my mood is not ok, but at the moment, it's ok. The good thing is that we have some days off. Next week, I'll work only on tuesday and thursday. I have a day off for my birthday (on 27th) and on friday :)

I'll celebrate it with my mother, so the meals will be better during that period but nothing more. All my family is in the south of France. We plan to see them in April.

For my birthday, my colleague, Sophie and Julia offered me to go to the restaurant. I don't like to celebrate it, but they seem to really want to go there. It will be a Mexican restaurant apparently in Paris.

Well, I started to think about my upcoming tournaments !! As I have many days off of holidays, wanted to go somewhere during the winter. I thought about Mexico, because there's the tournament of Acapulco, and I wanted to travel thoughtout Mexico, with a guided tour, and then, finished in Acapulco. With Gonzo and Carlos, would have been the top, and it's not a top tournament. Well, but apparently, I'll forget the idea because of the price of the guided tour. But, I don't want to go to Mexico only for the tournament, it would be a bit stupid. Then, I thought of Miami, Indian Wells, but it's the same thing, and the places are not very close to everything. Well, the thing sure is that I'll go to Monte-Carlo, I sent a mail to the hotel just to check the availabilities, and Roland-Garros. I have to ask my days off lol

Last thing, just congratulations to Kelly Slater, who won his 8th world champion title in surfing !!!! Here's the best !!!

Merry Christmas !!
Feliz Navidad !!
Joyeux Noël !!
God Jul !! :hug: :hug: :hug:
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