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Incase yaz didnt know i went on a roadtrip to the goldcoast with a mate :) 17 and a half hours after leaving melbourne i got to the gold coast :eek: was driving 140km/h thru most of NSW (New south Wales). Im not too sure about those bloody safe t cams :sad: would have got me speeding for sure :bigcry:

The weather was so nice and it was great to see my sister again, who recently got engaged and moved up there :sad:.
Went out everynight but the stand out night was Sunday when we went to Hollywood show girls or something like that.. Yup a strip club.. and fark the girls were Amazing... Id rate them all A++++++++++++++++++++++++++. If yaz ever up in the gold coast its a must go to place :p Only 10 bucks entry and a great perv session :) NO FAT CHIX!!!!!!!

anyway... enough from me :p just wanted some vcash

:wavey: bye
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