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When I heard marco was going to play Mons challenger, I juts had to go there no matter if it was 4 hours travelling to get there. Marco is just worth time and money. When I arrived the first match was about to finish and I stayed at court one to watch JC Scherrer. During his match I spotted Marco in a corner (where more players were standing) watching the match. I smiled, but tried to contrate on the match instead of staring at Marco. After Scherrer's match it wast ime for marco. He played Dennis van Scheppingen, so I was cheering agaisnt someone of my country again :angel: And Sluiter was sitting a bit further away, cheering for his friend. It was nice to hear Sluiter evaluating and cheering for "Schep" as that is how he calls him. But of course, I mostly looked at Marco. He was in a funny mood, but didn't play really good in first set. The second and third were good tho, I was impressed how much his game had improved since last year. I got a bit scared at the end of third set when he made a wrong step, but luckily he could continue and did win the match. As it's hard to get in contact with players in Mons I thought I better would call his name to get him towards my side of the court at the end of the match. And of course, marco came in my direction and I could have a little chat with him. He's so great towards his fans! :hearts:
I expected him to play a 2nd round evening match (as he had said that to me on tuesday), but I was really happy when I found out he played at noon. So I took the train again, travelled 4 hours to see him another time. I had the best seat, sitting just behind Marco and he greeted me when he entered the court. The first set was really good, both Marco and Dick (Norman) played really well, but you could notice that Marco was slightly injured. Dick had two setpoints, and I was afraid marco would stop playing after losing first set, but he could fight back and win first set, after which the 2nd set was quite easy. Nice that he did win :bounce: maybe I'll go to see him again tomorrow, if the appointment with my teacher won't take too long.
The rest of the day I watched the match of Sluiter and later of Lopez vs. mertl, to see who would be the next opponent for Marco. And Marco was there as well, so my eyes did regularly go towards the corner where players were sitting, instead of looking at the court. After the match Marco saw me and said something with a cute smile, I have to admit that I totally forgot what he said, because of that smile.... :drool: :hearts: :inlove:
Well that was it, not really a long report, I got a longer version in Dutch in the Dutch topic, for those who are interested (and speak Dutch) :p

:hug: to all of you!

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