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:eek: The Day 1 report got way too long!:eek: I hope you could read till the end! Here is the Day 2 report. I will try to make it shorter this time...

January 4th, Day2: Breda-Rotterdam-Breda

The radio was turned on automatically at 9.00 AM. That's Yvo's alarm clock. :cool: She had said before going to bed, she needed about 30 minutes of listening to the radio to wake up, so I got up first and went to bathroom and shower... I felt cold sleeping on the floor, so the warm shower was a good treat.. :) When I came back to the room, I noticed Yvo was awake still in the bed looking at my direction so we said good morning to each other then. We left her room at about 10.20 AM... Again, we didn't take a bus to the train station of Breda, we never took one during these three days. Always walked. :) At the train station, I ordered a ticket, speaking easy Dutch *one person to Rotterdam please* I think he understood it and asked me something which I couldn't understand... So, Yvo said for me more information, like also return ticket and 40% off the normal price... Before boarding the train, we bought our breakfast. Yvo had a cheese bread and one more thing, and I had an egg sandwitch and drank a mango/passion fruit juice which was so great. We ate them in the train. On the way to Rotterdam, I searched for more cows and wind mills (those famous houses with wings) I saw one wind mill, but it was kinda far away, but was nice to see one... The cows were also seen in far far away, which was a little sad... Oh, and of course the stadium of Feyenoord Rotterdam was seen so close from the train!

Now we are in Rotterdam! The buildings were modern and reminded me of ones of Japanese cities. We were on the way to the zoo on foot. Yvo said the zoo is close to the train station. (this was her first time to go to the zoo in 2 years.) She wasn't sure 100% where the zoo was, so we went the way she felt like it was right. We were walking towards east, as Yvo didn't know anymore if this was the right direction, so she checked the map at a tram station and found out that we actually had to take the other exit and go the other direction. So, we went back to the train station, took the right exit, and walked towards the zoo. hm?? this kind of thing happened on Day 1 when Nienke and Yvo took the wrong exit in Utrecht.. So, this was rather funny that this happened two days in a row! :p

It was sometime before noon when we arrived at the zoo. For me, it was my first time to go to any zoo with someone in ages, so it was a great feeling, and this person was a great animal lover Yvo, so that made the day great! The first animals we saw were small penguins. That was cute. One of the penguins was near where we were standing, and he was looking at us with his adorable face. :cute: He was standing very close to us, so I could have picked him up. The zoo was big, and there were a lot of pathes. There were suggested routes for the visitors, but we didn't care, and we went where we felt like to. :p It was such a cold day.. But lots of people were there, especially a lot of small kids!

I like to see monkeys. They are always active and often very entertaining to watch, unlike bored and sleeping lions and tigers... Yes, it was fun to see monkeys and gorillas. But this was rather embarassing when this huge gorilla, huge like King Kong from the movie, began to mate with a small female gorilla... Right in front of us all the visitors... :eek:

We also took a look at the shops where they sell, you know,,,, those soft dolls of animals... We found quite many animal dolls which Yvo would have loved to take home. On the way to aquarium, we found a group of this small animal. Like a hamster, but a little bigger. The way they were eating a piece of banana was so cute. Yvo took some pictures and recorded this eating scene with her mobile phone. (She took many pictures and recorded videos on that day.) Soon, we had lunch. We had our late lunch some time after 1 PM because the restaurant had been full of people before. After the lunch, we went to the aquarium where we saw lots of fish and sea animals...

After that, we checked the map and where we hadn't been yet... We hadn't seen kangaroos, camels, elephants, and so on... We took a short break, drank a can of energy drink, and kept going. Unfortunately kangaroos and camels weren't there... I don't know if I have seen live kangaroos in my whole life.... Elephants were also nice to see. They were inside the building, and we could see big ones and small ones being next to each other... The small ones were so cute! :D

OK, we thought we had seen everything... We went inside the building near the entrance/exit for me to go to a bathroom and for her to go to see tropical birds' section. When I came back to the point when we were supposed to meet, she wasn't there, but soon she found me and said, I should also see this... She took me to the birds' section... It was like a tropical jungle... There were birds in the cages, but there were also birds flying freely above us. We saw mice running around on the ground, too. it was like a wild life! One of the biggest highlights of the day came in this section. I first found this blue bird with some cool looking feathers on its head, this reminded me of the pineapple. You know, that green stuff on the pineapple... Just like that! So, I said, *Yvo, I found a bird with pineapple hair on it.* From that moment, we name the bird Roger, because of the pineapple stuff. For us pineapple is Roger Federer... :p can't explain why pineapple=Roger here, because it will be too long. If you want to know why, PM me. :p The scene came at the last cage before leaving. We found a bird sitting nicely looking at us in the cage but at the side of the cage. It had nice green and red colors and some yellow... For Yvo, it was clear. it was a mango color. For us mango is Marco Chiudinelli, so she named him Marco as well. :p For her, both Marco Chiudinelli and this mango bird were cutie, so it was her special moment. It made it more special because this Roger-bird was also in the same cage. The next thing she did was stepped up close to the bird and started talking to him. She really did. She was talking to him for about 15 minutes. Now that I know this Yvonne Fonk quite well, it wasn't a surprise to see her talking to a bird, but it was rather funny! It would have been strange to see her talking to a bird for other visitors, but there weren't many around us... The funny thing is that the bird was still there very close to Yvo and he even showed some reaction to her by making some cute voice. On the other hand, Roger was acting a little mean to Yvo, maybe he didn't like that his dear Marco was talked to by a stranger... :p It was a great day in the zoo! I certainly enjoyed that!! :D

We didn't do anything else in Rotterdam and went straight back to Breda. The first thing we did in Breda was going to a restaurant for dinner. We both ordered spare ribs. While waiting for the food, we wrote a poem about the Roger-bird and Marco-bird. Well, mostly she did, as I am not good at writing a poem. It was Yvo's 2nd spare ribs in two evenings. :p She likes spare ribs that much, and I can tell you. She doesn't mind working so hard to get meat off the bones of the ribs using fork and knife. You know, she is a professional of this. She is fast, her face is so serious, and her use of fork and knife on spare ribs is very detailed and precise. Almost perfect job. :eek: Not only did I enjoy eating my spare ribs, but also enjoyed observing how she was eating spare ribs... :p She says it is nothing special, but for me it is very special and I think even Nienke would agree with me. :p This was also one of the highlights of the day!! :lol:

After the dinner, we walked in the city of Breda before going back to her room. There was also a huge cathedral in Breda, so I of course didn't forget to touch the wall. :p While walking in Breda and to her room, we were adding a melody to this funny text we had... Yvo says she can't sing, but she was singing all the time all the way. Yes, I think she was in a funny mood. :) In her room she wrote a poem about me, how I think of her... This poem can be seen in my signature at the moment. Haha, I am honored! :cool: She also showed me the pictures she saved in her computer... :) Ohhh, one more thing,,, another highlight of the day... We were reading our chat thread in Roger's forum (Federer's forum, not the bird's :p ) together. Maybe I am too slow, but she reads very fast, and types very fast!! :eek: I always wondered this because she is usually very fast in replying! So, now I see why she is so fast!

How Yukio thinks about me

Wearing a red sweatshirt
While talking to a mangobird
Strange way of eating spare ribs
Oh I just have to love my trips
Marco, Roger, Geni, the guy
Ice-tea is the drink to buy
A strange girl I talk about
What should I think of her, help me out

We went to bed again late. First we wanted to get up early and take an early train to Amsterdam, but since it was so late, we set the alarm a little later than we first planned. I could sleep better than the night before, I think. :)

So, another long report.... :eek: I really don't know how to shorten this kind of report after such a wonderful trip... :shrug: Thanks for reading, and the report of Day 3 is comming soon. ;)

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sounds like a great day as well! sounds cool how you met Roger and Marco! :D and I want to see pics from you two eating spare ribs! :devil: :p Can't wait to read your report of the last day!
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