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Well, the apartment situation worked out. Now, when I say $100, that's a lot of money. But it's for an entire year, which means something like $8.50 a month. That's less than half my phone bill, and since I virtually never use my phone anymore--I was misled by Housing to believe I was required to get one--I'm not renewing the contract, which is about to expire. Even without Grand Slams, that's probably worth it, assuming I'm still going to be watching a fair amount of tennis for the next twelve months.

Part of me wants to wait until I find out I passed my qual, because that would be the perfect opportunity to reward myself, but first, I'm afraid the offer won't still be good, and second, I would miss seeing Federer win Halle. Oh, the dilemma.

Still, I got the summer job, and it is less than half my phone bill.
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