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worked 3 straight 10 hour days but i had today off so i ran errands.

Went and had the fuel pump checked on my car, well atleast i tried to. it worked for them :rolleyes: so when i go to work tomorrow i'll leave my car there so they can hook it up to a machine for a few hours. my dumb car barely wants to start in the mornings anymore :(

went and got my new modem so now i'm wireless :cool: no more having to drag cords around when i want to go somewhere other then the living room. too bad the battery is still crap so i can't get rid of that cord :eek:

came home and saw that Marat lost. didn't even really care, i figured he would anyway so i just never got excited so now the loss isn't even affecting me. sometimes it is great being a pessimist :lol:
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