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where to start, i don't even know and i barely care anyore. the excutives got yanked into the bosses office and yelled at cuz we went over hours last week, which means they are cutting them this week so i got sent home early and we be sent home majorly early tomorrow and won't be able to do research for infants and boys & girls :(

i ended up yelling at Jeff that it was 'time for me to find a differant job' and stomping out mad. i don't get why they are cutting my hours, i actually work! unlike multiple other people, cut their fucking hours and leave mine the hell alone. i don't think i've ever worked for such an ungrateful company. It seems like the harder i work the more they screw me. it's like they only want the incompetant people to stay *sigh* i give up, i don't want to leave but it appears i have no choice, there are bills to pay....

NIcki that is usualy the case with company,s nowadays the harder you work the more you are expected to do
Good luck if you are looking for another job the right one is out there for you somewhere but it will take some finding so don,t rush and take the first one that comes along because you could end up worse off than you are now I know you need money to pay the bills but money is not everything in a job a good working relasionship counts for a lot so take care
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