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What is the match of the decade through 2007?

  • '01 Wimbledon 4R: Federer def. Sampras (7-6 5-7 6-4 6-7 7-5)

    Votes: 15 9.9%
  • '01 Wimbledon F: Ivanisevic def. Rafter (6-3 3-6 6-3 2-6 9-7)

    Votes: 21 13.9%
  • '03 Australian Open 4R: El-Aynaoui def. Roddick (4-6 7-6 4-6 6-4 21-19)

    Votes: 14 9.3%
  • '03 US Open SF: Roddick def. Nalbandian (6-7 3-6 7-6 6-1 6-3)

    Votes: 3 2.0%
  • '04 Australian Open SF: Safin def. Agassi (7-6 7-6 5-7 1-6 6-3)

    Votes: 1 0.7%
  • '05 Australian Open SF: Safin def. Federer (5-7 6-4 5-7 7-6 9-7)

    Votes: 53 35.1%
  • '05 Rome F: Nadal def. Coria (6-4 3-6 6-3 4-6 7-6)

    Votes: 8 5.3%
  • '06 Rome F: Nadal def. Federer (6-7 7-6 6-4 2-6 7-6)

    Votes: 12 7.9%
  • '07 Wimbledon F: Federer def. Nadal (7-6 4-6 7-6 2-6 6-2)

    Votes: 18 11.9%
  • Other

    Votes: 6 4.0%

Match Of The Decade So Far? (2001-2007)

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Well, before we start a new season less than a week from now I thought this might be a fun topic. What would everyone here consider to be the match of the decade through 2007? Obviously a poll is limited to the options it can have so I'll give nine choices plus another option if you think I missed something better. For the match you choose, why is it your choice?
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What is the 03 Roddick match with Fat Dave doing there?
What is the 03 Roddick match with Fat Dave doing there?
Filler. :lol: I had an extra spot to fill and I wanted to represent an older year.
Def 2006 Roma final. This would have been the breakthrough for Federer to win the Grand Slam and become GOAT in 2006. Obv 2007 Wimby is close up there.
that list sucks, there are like 20-25 matches that need to be there.
Didn't Roddick win against El Aynaoui?
Yes, he did!

I voted for Nadal - Coria match.
nice thread to bad i live in Aus and dont have pay tv so alot of those matches i didnt get to see. i didnt start really watching tennis untill 2005 as well so i have only seen clips from older matches
Roddick beat El-Aynaoui...and it was the QF
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that list sucks, there are like 20-25 matches that need to be there.
If you aren't aware, the max poll size is ten.

And whoops! I did make a mistake with the Roddick-El Aynaoui match. I was trying to type the list up before going to bed and I guess I didn't proof read well enough. Unfortunately, I don't think you can edit polls.
Roddick beat El-Aynaoui...and it was the QF
Ok, so I made a couple of mistakes on that one. :lol: My bad. But I think you guys get the jist of things, regardless.
My pick on the list is the Ivanisevic-Rafter Wimbledon final in 2001, closely followed by Safin-Fed AO semi in 2005 and Rafa-Coria Rome final in 2005.
The matches I'd have put on the short list instead of some of the matches listed include Sampras vs Agassi USO QF in 2001, Samprass vs Agassi USO final in 2002, Hewitt vs Ferrero Masters Cup final in 2002 and Federer vs Safin Masters Cup SF in 2004.
Gaudio def. Coria, at Roland Garros had a lot of everything (except for very good tennis)
Gaudio defeats Coria, '04 French Open final... had a bit of everything, even if lacking the professionalism you'd see in a Fed-Nadal dual.
nadal-coria must've been a great match from what i hear. unfortunately i wasn't able to watch it back then.

so i think i'm gonna pick the roddick-el-aynaoui match though i just watched the last two sets live and the rest in a re-run. that was a heck of a match, probably one of the most interesting and dramatic ever.
I voted Ivanisevic-Rafter, that match just had everything. Only downside was I didn't see it live :(

Second would be Safin-Federer and 3rd Federer-Sampras. Federer-Sampras of course grows bigger every day, cause it's the only time these tennis giants met. At the time though, it wasn't as great as some of the other matches. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed it, but it wasn't like Federer was gonna win the tournament anyway.
Agassi vs. Blake at the US Open 2005 has to be up there in my opinion.
Davis Cup should also be mentioned:

2002 F: Youzhny def Mathieu 3-2 2-6 6-3 7-5 6-4
2006 SF: Tursunov def Roddick 6-3 6-4 5-7 3-6 17-15

But for me Federer-Safin always comes top.
Well, I never saw anything of El Aynaoui-Roddick, but it must have been awesome...

Federer-Safin in Melbourne was a great match (I even skipped uni to be able to watch the end of that match :tape:)

Also great and already mentioned in the thread was Gaudio-Coria Roland Garros final. I was nearly as exhausted as the players afterwards, though I only watched it on tv. :eek:

I don't remember anymore in which year Sampras' last Wimbledon victory was, but I think it was before 2001. Otherwise I would have counted it into my best matches of the decade too.
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