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While I'm busy I might as well go on ;)

So, Wednesday came, and Sjoukje's birthday too. We let her open her presents when we got back from the Tuesday night session :) Today we were more on the practice courts than in the Arena :lol: At the beginning of the day Tommy was practising with his coach and his friend, and he was again constantly talking. Then Feli came on, with Karlovic and Victor, a Spanish guy we knew. Feli was the practice ho of the day :lol: everyone practised with him that day ;) He was pissed off because of the noise all the children made (he had made them excited by hitting some balls over the net) and he started swearing. but he was completely comfortable when all the kids rushed over to Rafael, who had come in to practise. He came over to sign (he signed my flag!!!!! :eek: ) but he was gone soon.

Fernando and David Ferrer came to train as well and we went to see their doubles match after Rafa's game. The little cute sister was there too shouting: 'VAMOS FER! .... y david' :lol: David signed our flag and Fernando signed our little spanish wurms :haha: I don't want to know what he thought when he saw us wanting autographs on those tiny things :lol:

In the Arena Roddick was playing Karlovic. We got in when Karlovic had won the second set after Andy had a matchpoint (yeah Sjoukje said she heard Andy shout 'F*CK' after he lost the set) and eventually Karlovic won. So we lost a great deal of time, because we wanted to see Carlos Moya - Tommy Robredo, and to go to the players' party. Tommy played well and won in 3.

So we packed and ran away to the hotel to freshen up. It was 1.30 am when we got to the disco attached to the players' hotel. Although we had VIP tickets, we couldn't get in immediately, so we had to stand in the queue. :( But then a shining star named Fernando looked down on us, cause he showed his face at the door. Sjoukje shouted 'FERNANDOOO!!' and because she is so tall, Fernando noticed her. He talked to the security and they let us in!

Sjoukje :eek: :banana:

Gaby :eek: :woohoo:

Freya :eek: :speakles:

He so cute, no???? Sjoukje grabbed him and gave him 2 kisses :lol: It was really full inside, everyone was bumping into everyone. We saw a glimpse of Gaudio and Spadea, and also of Feli. At a certain moment a Spanish guy started dancing with me, I was like :eek:
:lol: but it was fun. And a lot of people came to us and started talking (though that was kind of impossible with the noisy music), one girl said to me that she had seen us with our flags in the Arena... Yeah, that was us

It was 4.30 am when we got back to the hotel.

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:eek: I really couldnt keep my hands to myself when Chico was around no? :angel: oooooops :devil:
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