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Yesterday, I was out all the day. I spent the day with a friend (we met in high-school) in Paris. We had lunch in a restaurant, called Bistro Romain, with Italian dishes. Was good :)

For once, I didn't talk about tennis, cause she's not interested. I only showed my pic with Fernando in Paris. She thinks he's handsome but young. But, he's young :lol: I just ask him to play well tennis :lol:

Well, as the weather was very cold, we came back at home at 6pm.

Today, I watched the last set of the mens' final in Shanghai.

Congrats to both players :worship:
I was for Roger especially after his come back in the 5th set. But, I have nothing against Nalby, as I don't know him. He also made a great comeback from two sets 0. Both deserved the victory. The level was high and I hope that people who criticized the MAsters Cup will be happy with this final.

Regarding the doubles' final, the french team : Llodra/Santoro won. Congratulations to them, even if I'm not very fan. But, at least, they did it. They are a good team. For once, they'll talk about tennis in the sports news instead of football :yeah:

So, now, Fernando is on holidays.. So, I hope he'll enjoy finally his vacation.

For me, tennis season is not over, because Thomas Enqvist plays a challenger in Luxembourg. He needs points to avoid the qualies in Australia. It will be difficult but keep the faith !! Good luck to him this week !!
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