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Mark has received a USO wild card!

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Thought you guys would like to know :D

I hope his body holds up well enough to take advantage of it!
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i watched the match maria, flip was pathetic :rolleyes:
Yes, a shame he couldn't make more of it :sad:

I think Mark basically has two options at this point - retire or go back to challengers to get some practice and match play. He'll probably get an AO wildcard but that won't do him any good if he hasn't played more.
BG, don't be so hard on the guy. :hug:
Mark said at the press conf he'll go back to challengers and do whatever needed to get back on track. I so hope he can do that and be really really well prepared for the AO 2006. :hug:
...i dont blame people for slagging him off. the way he played against kucera was absolutly disgraceful. i dont think he's played that bad at a grand slam before, and should not have been given the WC. Mark said he will be playing a couple tournaments in china, then maybe return to play challengers... im seriously confused about what to think. 1 minute your reading reports of him looking sharp in practice - the next u watch him move around the court like a grandpa.

for the sake of my site (and sanity) i hope we start to see some positive results soon!
flip received a WC to the Thai Open :shrug:
Well, they needed to replace Marat with another 'hunk'. ;) :tape:
BG!!!! :hatoff: Hope you're doing OK. :)
maria :wavey:

arrgghh why couldn't flip capitalise on his chances yesterday against muller :mad:
Yeah BG, but he fought hard according to the score so ... maybe there's still some hope.
6-7, 6-2, 5-7.
poor mark he has to be one of the unluckiest player in the last 10 years along with coria, nalbandian and cañas :(

anyway his career was pretty pretty good :)
MariaV said:
Yeah BG, but he fought hard according to the score so ... maybe there's still some hope.
6-7, 6-2, 5-7.
I think he's getting close to getting some good results. The big thing about this match for me was the way he came back in the second set. It shows that his confidence didnt fall to pieces and he didnt give it away (which he might of done in the past)... the only thing is he's still not match fit. On the big points he got nervous and tightened up and made some errors. If he was match fit he wouldve won in straight sets comfortably. In the past Mark has never had any problem serving out a set, let alone a match!

And from the pics ive seen, he looks quite lean and starting to tone up espcially his arms, he's not giving up so im sure all this persistance is gonna pay off... probably when people least expect it too!
Hey Jill. :wavey: Nice new avvy. ;) And sorry about your site, it was lovely but sure work has to take priority. I wish all the best to Mark too.

And welcome Cecilija! :bigwave:
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