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got to work on POG (short for planogram) stuff again today with Toby :banana: it was going to be a short day so Phyllis told Charles that i was going to do POG once i was done with softlines, gotta love when she does that :lol: kind of scary that it takes the head boss telling them they have to let me do it for them to let me do POG though, but it is nice that she wants me off of flow. more likely to happen then. :p

finally had my 90 day review, turns out Jeff got sick of waiting for Charles to write my review so he went ahead and wrote it, but Charles didn't know that so he went and wrote a review too :lol:

they are really, really lame reviews. Charles says the yearly ones are better (those happen May 1st) but still lame. was a waste of 15 minutes. Jeff's was so bland that it could have been written about anyone. Charles' was much better, listing things that i had done that were out of the ordinary.

marc is still being a dick. won't even sit by me at lunch :rolleyes: i did get to see his cute pic though :lol: when the store opened they made all the guys wear red suits and he had a pic on his desk of him in it :lol: it wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be but he still looked silly. had a pic from a wedding (his brothers maybe) on his desk too and a baby's pic - no idea if that is his niece or nephew or some friends baby though. Just took a quick glance when Toby was looking for something in the offices. i'll harass him about them tonight if i remember
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