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I did a little grocery shopping before I left town and hope hubby and Lee Jr. would eat well. Well, hubby didn't surprise me as THEY DIDN'T. I don't think I can ever leave them behind for more than a week. :mad: Let's not dwell on it and move on. :p

The drive is as usual, boring. :p I drove the old car which doesn't have CD or DVD player. And I didn't bring any cassette tapes with me so I had to rely on radio to keep me company. There are many mountains in the area so soon I lost FM radio stations and was stuck with an AM talk radio by FOX. Well, at least I was not bored and my blood was boiling listening to that idiot host talking. And further confirm that there's a reason I hate FOX.

Arrived in Indian Wells in about 5 hours as I stopped in the middle for gas and food. I knew Deb and Amber wouldn't arrive as early so I went out shopping for cereal bars as I forgot to bring some snacks. Since it's Motel6 I'm staying, you would not get any useful information anywhere there. Good that I brought hubby's toy with me. His GPS. I asked for a nearby supermarket and it showed me where the Albertson was. :lol: Called Deb's cell phone and they had arrived. I worked on my Spanish homework while they freshen up a bit.

We were cruising on the major tourist road when Deb (she's driving) spot the tournament car. At first couldn't figure out who's there but the car was driven very slow and the traffic was a little bit busy. We managed to see it's Ljubicic driving with an older guy. I joked Deb to follow that car to see where they were heading but we're hungry so we went to the place we picked earlier for dinner.

After dinner we returned to our motel. I further worked on my Spanish homework and I glad I did because afterward, I had no time at all to do any study.
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