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finally recovered from yesterday's truck, thank goodness i had today off!

Jeff decided that he was going to unload the truck yesterday which means several things 1-it will get unloaded faster then if he was somewhere else 2-that we can not stop the line and 3-the floor will be a mess

Jeff is anal retentive when it comes to the line (the convayer belts that move the packages from the truck to me to scan and then to the rest of the crew to be put in piles to be taken out to the floor) he refuses to let us stop it when it gets back up. when it gets back up packages start falling to the floor increasing the likelyhood that something will break and/or spill. plus the Bob starts throwing packages cause he won't wade thru the pile of boxes to get to the last flat, he just throws the package to it which makes more of a mess and puts me in danger cause i am the closes person to that flat and sometimes they bouce and hit me. :mad:

so shit is is falling all over the place when Jeff comes out of the truck to grab something. he watches 4 or 5 packages fall off and then asks me if any of it is actually going up the line. i reply no then ask if we can finally stop the line to get them picked up. His answer is, of course, no. i take a breath to start arguing him but before i can start he adds that he is going to stop unloading and pick up packages for a while. fine, i don't care, as long as they all get picked up. he picks them up then said something funny so that i laughed and then went back in the truck

so the line is up and moving again when dumbass starts sending dog food up the line. dog food, cat food and cat litter bags are not meant to be sent up the line, the bags do not roll well - if at all - and tend to rip open and make a huge mess. I usually yell at the guys anytime they do it, but today i don't i just watch the dog food go by then grab the bag of cat litter that isn't moving at all and drag it down the line. I'm about 2 seconds from putting the bag down when it slides to the side and rips open. i go off. i just start swearing, i don't even scan the packages that are coming up the line i just fling them off the line into the floor and make my way into the truck swearing. Jeff asks what is wrong.

i say something like 'one of those stupid ass fucking non-convayable cat litter bags that you dumbasses insist on sending up the line just fucking busted open and made a fucking mess. '

'oh' was his only reply. we finish what little there is of the truck and the the guys make their way up the line picking up all the packages that had droppped off since the last time Jeff picked them up. Jeff grabs the cat litter and takes it to the garbage. We make it up to the spot where the cat litter had dumped when i look over towards the garbage and realize that when Jeff was carry the litter it had split open more and made an even bigger mess halfway to the garbage.

i say something to Jeff about it and he replies 'if anyone has to take a dump now is the time!'

i just stare at him and start shaking my head. he grins, sees that i am not laughing yet and adds 'i may even go take a dump in it' my jaw hits the ground then i just start laughing. tears start rolling down my face i'm laughing so hard. evryone is staring at me cause they didn't hear Jeff's 2nd comment. I fianlly leave the backroom, still laughing, and go to open packages. Jeff yanks Melody to help with hardlines(which pisses me off) but i'm still laughing about his comment so i barely care.

the rest of the day was shit, complete and utter shit. The only good thing was a convo with Marc. I ended up working a 12 hour day. Went home, ate, showered and slept. I'd hoped that Marc would stop by but he didn't *sigh*
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