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Happy St. Patrick's Day to anyone who plans on celebrating it :) don't drink too much green beer :lol:

Had today off (thank goodness!!!!!) but i needed a few things and i wanted to pester Jeff so i went to work. Talked to Lindsay for a few minutes about everything. Turns out that Phyllis was there yesterday in plain clothes. I could have sworn i saw her when i was working in infants but couldn't go look to check since i was with a customer. Just what we all need, the boss in street clothes spying on us :eek:

Lindsay had to go so i went to go grab what i came for when i ran into Jeff. His whole face just lit up when he saw me :D it made my day :p he was so excited to see me that it just made me feel like a million bucks.

We talked for 10 or 15 minutes until he had to go cause he had a conferance to go to. We talked about what he did in colorado (skiing & hiking with his brother) and how bad the past week has been for flow. he said that he interviewed 5 people and that 4 looked good but it will be atleast 2 weeks before we get them. in the meantime... :shrug: We do have another person starting on Monday i think. Jeff only had 2 people show up today and one left after 4 hours but they didn't have too much to do so he survived

Jeff took off and i went to go pay for my stuff. the cashier was so slow and so dumb :rolleyes: she couldn't get the plastic bags to open :eek: once i got done with her i went and pestered Marc for 5 minutes. then i left and got groceries :p
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