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was a non-truck day so in theory it is suppose to be a short day.... in theory anyway :eek: then Phyllis called and the special project started: 11 flats of easter candy, me doing endcaps, EXFs (those are when you go find the empty spots and scan them so more stuff can come out) and the putting the stuff out from the EXFs

i left at 1:15, so much for an early day. the really annoyingthing is they will bitch at the end of the week when i spend most of Saturday in overtime :rolleyes: don't get me wrong i don't mind setting endcaps but they just seem to want us to do everything and still not hit 40 hours. can't have it both ways people

jeff is gone this week but i've been informed that he is in Colorado (doing what i have no idea) and the other day Jackie told me that she thinks that Jeff is younger then me. god i feel old :( she thinks he is 26
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