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Then I went to watch Sugiyama vs Yuan. Every game took forever and Ai finally won 1st set 7-5. Both players were not playing well. Yuan had her thigh wrapped tight and Ai DF on break point twice. Moved onto watch Volandri vs Horna. You can imagine how bad the match was when Horna bagelled Volandri in 1st set and Volandri was downed a break in 2nd already when I sat in court 5. I watched 2 games and left right away when allowed. This was the worst match I ever saw in the whole tournament.

I returned to Stadium 2 for Moya vs Capdeville. It’s almost noon and was really hot out there now. Most of the fans were cheering for Moya although there were a big Argentina flag and a Chile flag. As expected, Moya’s cheerleaders were mostly ladies in their 30s to 50s. Well, Moya is HOT!!!!! Paul has potential but Moya was playing well and more experienced. Many left after the match but I stayed for Youzhny vs Acasuso. The sun was roasting me but I was talking with an senior couple from Phoenix so I stayed. Misha played great for 2 service games but than he seemed bothered by his shoulder/neck. Acasuso was playing very well and more patient, winning most long points. The most funny thing was Chucco kept sucking Misha in a sliced backhand limbo contest. The ball kept going lower and softer with each backhand slice from both players. Obviously, Misha was the one who lost his patience and tried something else and hit an UE. Misha managed to hang onto his serve for the first set but lost in a very tight TB where both players had set points. After 1st set, it’s time for the Nadal/Clement match so I left.

Next stop, Stadium 1 for Nadal vs Clement. Match not yet started when I got there and I kept to my ticket’s section but it’s toasting there. While they were warming up, a girl screamed “Nadal, I love you”. That killed half of my mood. Nadal’s play is very good and this was the first time I saw him played life. His forehand created incredible angles. Clement played at the same level as the day before but across the net was not Troicki. Didn’t take him long to lose his serve. I saw there were still vacant seats on the other side of the stadium so I moved to where the shade was. Although I was then totally surrounded by seniors, those over 60s. Some ladies were there because of their hubbies I thought because I saw a few reading novels instead of watching the match. Since Clement was losing, he nasty treatment for ballboys or girls were up. I liked him but he’s a real prick towards those little kids. One in particular he had a problem with and during one of his serve, after getting the ball, he threw it back to the ballkid, teaching him/her (I could not remember the gender) how to throw the ball to him. Of course, this earned him a few booos from the stands. I really had enough after a few games in 2nd set with more yelling from Nadal’s young admirers and left. This proved to be another excellent decision.

When I left Stadium 1, I saw Rainer practiced on the same court as yesterday. The one right next to the grass area and he’s shirtless this time. I thought he would left for Sunrise already after his lost in 1st round and he’s not in the doubles draw. (later found out he withdrew and it’s obvious he had problem with his wrapped up knee). I didn’t want him to think I was stalking him so before he left his practice, I left. Actually because there were many matches I wanted to watch.
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