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So Marat's been pretty cryptic lately, which I understand completely. He's going through a difficult period and trying to make the right decision, and his thought process does not need to be made public. But it leaves us to speculate.

"Misunderstandings" and "miscommunications" may or may not refer to Peter. I give it a better than 50% chance, given their recent hiatus, which may be the cause and/or the effect of these misunderstandings. Is Peter coming back? I don't know. Regardless, he doesn't want to travel all year.

Volkov (henceforth known affectionately as 'Sasha'), of US Open 2000 fame, has been lending a hand again, and that's been nice, except Sasha has a life of his own :eek: and like, other jobs, which is bad, so Marat's on his own for a couple of weeks. Which may or may not be what he wants, but Sasha's his shoulder to cry on.


Peter: I hate travelling. I miss my wife and kids.
Sasha: I hear you.
Peter: But there's this crazy Russian guy I can't give up.
Sasha: This is my third, fourth time working with him. Outside of Davis Cup.
Peter: We need to do something.
Sasha: I know! Let's divvy up the year.
Peter: I've got the Australian Open covered.
Sasha: And I've got the US.
Peter: Grass. Grass is good.
Sasha: I can work with clay.
Peter: Excellent!
Sasha: There's no way he can lose!
Marat: ...
Sasha: ...and then there's always my DC gig.
Peter: I hear the LTA is forking over good money these days.
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