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I took this from (which loves Marat Safin for some reason:rolleyes:
Anyway, its been badly translated into English, so be ready to LYAO:p


Marat Safin Expects A Family

Beautiful Safin expects a family and desiring good health than fame & wealth.

Marat Safin: Tennis Player

Picture this: A family-man holding a bottle of beer in one hand and a baby in another. A tall and handsome Russian tennis player. In which image will Safin look more attractive to you? It is not bull. Safin, a giant who is now 21 and 6 feet 4 in height, seems pretty much enjoy drinking the Qingdao beer (a local beer's brand name) during his stay in Hong Kong and says it is as good as the famous beer he drinks in the foreign countries. Safin says he likes kids so much and will give birth to two at least.

Reporter: Everybody agrees you are good looking. Which part do you think you look the greatest? Do you think the fans like you due to your appearance?

Safin: I think the fans like me because I play pretty good. I don't know if I'm good looking, you know, I'm a man and I don't always look into the mirror (Safin gazes at me [the reporter] and oh, I am almost electrified), and I don't care much about how I look by the way.

Reporter: How are you going to rank the following: Family, tennis, friends, girlfriend, beer.

Safin: (Safin looks at Sylvia who sits quite far apart at once and then smiles) My girlfriend is here, I can't say she is not number one. Actually, Family is number one, including my girlfriend, friends then, tennis, and beer the last.

Reporter: Do you drink beer everyday? You are not afraid of having getting pumped?

Safin: (undoubtedly) Yep, Qingdao beer, I drink it almost everyday, I like its taste. I am not easy to getting fat.

Reporter: Have you got any plans to get married? And how many children do you want to have?

Safin: I'll maybe get married at 23, maybe 25, or even 30 or 35, I can't say when I should get married. I won't get married until I feel I would like to, which means I am ready to be a father. I like children so much that I think I am going to have at least 2 children. However, it is not good to have the life I have now (running around the world to play tennis) when I have children, so I must think carefully in advance.

Reporter: You knew Anna Kournikova when you two are still young. Kournikova now earns a lot apart from playing tennis. As beautiful as you are, have you ever thought to follow her footsteps?

Safin: Boys and girls are different. Girls can easily be the people's focus because of how beautiful they are, and there are not many beautiful women tennis players after all. But there are many charming guys in the men's tennis world, look at Rafter, Philippoussis and Haas. I have earned enough from playing tennis and it is unnecessary to find other stuff to do apart from this. I don't feel like doing ads, making films or some kind of self-promotion. There used to be people asking me to do these things in Moscow but I declined them. Fans can go to the tennis courts supporting me if they want to see me.

Reporter: Fame and wealth, which is more important to you?

Safin: Neither compared to good health. I have been injured which makes me learn how important it is to have good health. Without a healthy body, how can I earn fame and wealth from tennis?

Reporter: Many people say you are the successor of Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi. Whose successor would you want to be? Pete or Andre?

Safin: I think "Successor of Sampras" is more applicable to me since both of us are low-profiled. You can see Agassi on TV and magazines while Sampras only concentrates on playing tennis.

Source: Apple Daily, Hong Kong
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