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Marat and Dima won!!!!!! No, not doubles again, they each won their singles matches :woohoo: This definitely made my day!!!!! :aparty:

And Dima's blog is absolutly :spit: :haha: That man is too funny for words, which makes him sooooo much lovelier :inlove: My fav parts from today were "The match was a bit awkward the first few games because this is our first time playing together and Marat doesn’t really understand the concept “my side/your side.” He tends to think that his forehand is much better than my backhand so I had to convince him otherwise. Thanks to me and my ability to convey logic to the two-meter embodiment of a female’s dream, we won the first set 6-3. " and "And the second question - I’m NOT joking! - was, “What do you think about Marat?” Ummm… I’m speechless…. I wonder if the journalist woke up today and thought to herself… “Hmmm… I wonder what would be a good question for Dmitry?! I know!!! How about I ask him what he thinks about Marat!!! Yes, yes! That is indeed a brilliant question!!! I must write it down before I forget it! How didn’t I think of it sooner?!” "
:spit: :spit: :spit: I vote Dima for permanent ATP blogger :bounce:

Off to bed now!!!! Buenas noches :zzz:
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