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So many things which brightened my day because of him!

First, he played :woohoo: 6 months! that was sooooooooo long :bigcry:

Then, he actually won :eek: That was so unexpected. (I had vCash on him though :lol: but I had no hope, i just wanted him to avoid a bagel). Even him was surprised in his interview.

Third great thing: I didn't see the match but was online and it was a pleasure to follow it with Jiat, Mush, Dowa, Ira, AnnieN. :hug: I missed those group chats a lot! Having group chats during matches is just so different than regular group chats! the 'Break you oaf you", the "come on! davai! allez!", the "break! yeah baby!", the "gorgeous DTL peeps!", and all those crazy cheerleaders and other smileys...
It's great to read/write all this again!!!

Oh and, not to be forgotten:

When i say MA, you say RAT.

Just great :worship:
I want more already! :bounce:

Gooooooooooooooooooo Mulanippo!!!!! :tennis: :inlove:
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