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Mandy Picks Up Tennis Knowledge from Boyfriend

Brunette pop beauty Mandy Moore has found an advantage to dating tennis ace Andy Roddick - it's allowed her to learn about a sport she previously knew nothing about.

The "Candy" singer, 18, has been dating the hunky sportsman since last year, and she insists that she was never a groupie because she knew nothing about tennis until she got together with Roddick.

She says, "I knew nothing about tennis until I met him. Now I'm so into it. During the Australian Open, it was horrible to be so far away, watching it delayed on TV."

And besides, adds Moore, there were many more important factors which initially attracted her to Roddick.

She explains, "I thought he was very funny. He had a wonderful sense of humour. And he was tall. That's a big thing for me. I'm almost 5ft 10."
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