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Malisse: Intervention after Australian Open.

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Free translation from a Belgian paper

"More than two years ago, I had a threatment on my heart, then they have burned away something what lay around the heart. That will happen again after this tournament. The appointment has been made already. An intervention without anaesthesia, the heart is not touched and I can follow everything on the computer. One day later I can play again. Once again, nothing to worry about. However, it happens more people. My carrier is not in danger!!!!"

*sorry for my poor English*
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He seems to be having lots of health problems and injuries lately. Poor Xavier :sad:
Your english is great, don't apologize.

XaXa is too young to have so many health problems :( Good luck to him.
thanks Jeffery! i wish i wrote French as well as you write in English!

poor Xavier. i didn't know he had such complicated health problems. nice to see him out there battling in spite of that. reminds me of the guy with the lung problems who did so well at the Olympics in swimming...;)
Poor Xaxa:sad::sad:
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