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Yesterday evening, I watched two episodes of LOST on tv. I have to say that since the beginning of the second season, I had problems to follow it, because it is too slow. Since last week, the story is better, and yesterday I liked a lot. We now, know more about the other passengers and what happened on their side. So, it's going to be very interesting now :)

Tomorrow evening, it's the last episode of a French serie, - Zodiaque -, unfortunately, I'll be in Sweden so I have to tape it, I want to know who is the murderer !!! On tuesday, have to tape the last episode of the first season of Desperates Houseviwes !! Many things to tape :lol: and many things to watch when I'll be back.

I go to Göteborg with one of my colleagues. It's the first time that I go to a - fam trip - (familiar trip) with a colleague, so it will be great, at least you know someone :) He's a new colleague, and I didn't really have the time to talk to him, so it will be interesting. We have our flight at 7.05 am, and we'll arrive in Sweden in the afternoon, we have a stop in Copenhagen (3 hours), so We'll try to visit very fast the city, I already know the Danish capital, so it will be easier for me to show him. I think we'll go to Nyhavn, it's the harbour of Copenhagen, very typical and nice place.

Toronto will start on monday and won't be there :(

Carlos vs Gaudio. I'm sure Carlos will win, I like GG but he didn't play well lately, so I'm confident. But, we never know.

Gonzo vs Söderling. Vamos Gonzo, he can do it, last meeting was in MC this year but Robin retired.

I hope they'll play on wednesday, would be good for me :)

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