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Losing the first set of any match is generally devastating. It is hard to come back. Here is the list of the top ten career winning percentages after losing the first set. Laver is tops. No one is above .500 after losing the first set. Complete career list is at the link below.

Player Win-Loss Record Percentage

Laver 71-74 .490
Borg 84-102 .452
Lendl 138-170 .448
Nadal 82-104 .441
Connors 166-212 .439
Sampras 122-157 .437
Boris Becker 110-151 .421
Djokovic 80-111 .419
Federer 107-157 .405
Murray 73-109 .401

It is really quite remarkable that out of his 672 career matches, Rod Laver lost the first set in only 145 of them, and won nearly half of those matches in which he lost the first set. Laver's percentage of losses in the first set of all matches is .216, very likely the lowest of all players. Connors, for example, lost the first set in .247 of all his matches, a higher figure of course. I think an indicator of best player could probably be based upon this ability to win matches after losing the first set, but also having a low percentage of first set losses in all matches.
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