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Hey, I am a 4.0 almost 4.5 player looking for the classical feel of the wilson pro staff 85. I have the wilson 90 kfactor and the wilson 90 ncode ones that Federer used. I am however looking for more control and after demoing the pro staff 85 at tennis warehouse I found that it was the cleanest feeling racquet I ever held and I hope and pray that I can find someone who is willing to pass one or a few of them onto a young player with very classic strokes who has embraced the oldschool style of play. Continental grip on everything, serve and volley, one handed backhand...

I have been playing lately with a Spalding GC20 which feels very similar and it is an awesome racquet, but I can't find one of them, and besides... its just something about holding a wildon pro staff 85 in your hands... If anyone has one or a few and is willing to sell/trade please let me know, thanks very much! you can also reach me at [email protected]

- Andrew
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