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2005.... an immense year for me...

a degree(after much hard work), an engagement, a baby and moving house twice, once from xford to Cape Town and then to Johannesburg (not my choice I asssure you)

I remember watching Ally McBeal once and it saying that if you cant look back on a year without tears or laughter then it's been a year wasted... and I can safely say that I've had both tears and laughter this year...

as for the tennis.. another good year for Roger, not as good for Timmy unfortunately, good to see a new face on the Brit scene in Murray, have given up entirely on Andy, and moment of the year for Kimmy!!

2006.... dare I hope for the French Open for Roger?... and cant wait to see Martina back in action as the anti-slugger!

lots of love everyone..

Lizzie xx
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