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This year was a good and productive year for me.

My goal to get into the student teaching component was reached. I passed all sections of the PRAXIS and received excellent grades in all coursework.

Second, I got to do some traveling (see below). I would like to do more in 2007.

Third, I renewed acquaintances with folks that I haven't seen or talked to in ages, it seems.

In 2006, this blog "celebrated" its second anniversary-although I, its author, remained AWOL for a better part of nine months.

Now, on to 2007.....

I begin student teaching January 4, 2007. I won't actually teach for several weeks, but I'll spend time preparing.

Some goals: successfully finish the student teaching component, take the GRE, and secure a job. None of it should be a problem, really. I look forward to what the year will bring-both personally and professionally.
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