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I'm bored at school, so we're getting a new thread. :p

Credit QG with this idea...since we all know (or can find out :p) each others' names in her thread, I figured we should post interesting personal facts and other whatnot in another thread, just for kicks. Sooooo, I'll be the guinea pig and go first. :D

Name: Marly

Age: (almost) 18

Nationality: American (Texan! :D)

Ethnicity: White (Not that it matters, but people are always so shocked to find out that BBB is black, so :p)

Loves: Lleyton and Kim, the thought of Little Lleykis, the Donnas, Alias, Texas, my wacky family (LG :p), singing (off key) in church, butterscotch sundaes, rain, and good hair. :D

Hates: Ezel, the Predators, DH, Aprepas, RodPrick, El Annoying, Minging Moya, fans of the aforementioned players :)p), math, dressing up, public speaking, The Fast and the Furious, UIL meets, Connecticut, and untidy rooms. :fiery:

Interesting Factoids/Random remarks:
1) I am low maintenance in a high maintenance kind of way.
2) Pepsi rules! :D
3) BBB is my black British twin. :p
4) I am QG's Jedi Master. :D
5) I'm ranked #5 in my class and never study. :eek: :p
6) I've written a book.
7) I don't wear makeup. (UGH!)
8) I can outrun the Czechslovakian. :D
9) I love Roswell and Alias.
10) I'm so incredibly bored in class right now. :p

1) I'm okay, you're in my way.
2) Kiss my grits.
3) Kiss my ass, seabass!
4) You must have your confidence!
5) My glass may be half empty, but it's still better than yours!

Since I'm from Texas, I speak with an accent. I'll take some sentences and translate them into Me-speak. :p

Ah'm okay, yer in mah way.
Kiss mah grits.
Kiss mah ass, seabass.
Yah must have yer confidence
Mah glass may be half empty, but it's still bettah than yours!

Since Ah'm from Texas, Ah speak with ahn accent. Ah'll take some sentences an' translate 'em inta Me-speak.

And so on and so forth. :p

And once I get back home, I reckon I'll put a picture of myself in here to go along with it. :p

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Name: Anastasia...Nastya...Ana...

Age: 15

Nationality: Russian/Canadian

Ethnicity: Half Russian half Ukrainian

Loves: Pat, Lleyt, Zhenya, Marco :D Listening to music, Radiohead, Zwan, Skunk Anansie, Jimmy eat world, Bjork!!! Mmmm Milk!!! sleeping, playing tennis! Cats, Bunnies, frogs!!! I can't think anymore :eek:

Hates: Andy Roddick, Chemistry, Math, Biology, Physics, all school subjects :eek: Men, Spiders...

Interesting Factoids/Random remarks:
1) I watch Aussie Rules Footy/ Cricket...errr yeah there's no reason for that!
2) For a short time I had a stalker :eek:
3) BUNNIES!! Need I say more?
4) Alright it's true I listen to classical music :eek:
5) Have anger management problems

1) Bunch of wankers!!!
2) I found a rat under a fridge!
4) Always want to play but you never want to lose (alright i stole that from a song)!
5) *poke*

A pic? Well I don't know, anyone still have it?

I'll add more later, too lazy now :p

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Name: Katherine or Katie or Kate, sometimes Kiki.

Age: 15 (16 soon)

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Half English(that would be my mum), half American. The American ancestry is Irish and German, like any of y'all give a damn. But I am mostly Euro trash yay!

Loves: Lleyton and Kim, other cute celebrity couples, Andy Roddick :p, Alias, That 70's Show, Gilmore Girls, playing tennis, modeling, dancing, Drama class, that vanilla sugar lotion from Bath and Body Works, Liverpool FC, LA Galaxy, LA Lakers, Anaheim Angels, Cadbury Flake bars from the English shop down the street, my Kate Spade handbag, The All-American Rejects, Jimmy Eat World, No Doubt, John Mayer, TATU, and Daniel Bedingfield.

Hates: People who smoke around me, dark chocolate, Math, Biology, people who prove me wrong, Arsenal FC, weird drinks that people mix, parties around here(sure their big ass houses but LA parties are way more exciting), cocoa straight up(long story).

Interesting Factoids/Random remarks:
1. I'm a model.
2. I'm white as hell.
3. Yes I say hell a lot, but I'm a good Anglican girl. :angel:
4. I like Margaritas, Mexican food, Vodka and Sprite.
5. Ange is the only French-Canadian I know. :D
6. I'm moving to England and living with family after I graduate.
7. I live in gorgeous southern California.
8. No not every guy surfs and girls do not talk like the girls in Clueless.
9. I have too many acquaintances that I don't like, some friends that I don't like too.
10. I'm in the process of writing two screenplays, one's a bio pic the other is a book adaptation.
11. I can speak English and Brit-English fluently(duh), and Spanish almost fluently, and some French, Italian, and Russian.
12. I can do a dead on impression of Mya Rudolf's impression of Donatella Versace on SNL. And my friend Sarah is gonna be a player on that show someday and I'm gonna be guest host on it.
13. Our teachers taught us wrong in primary school cuz you can begin a sentence with and or because. ha! :p

Mottos: (more like quotes by me but whatever)
1. The hell?
2. Y'all need to sit your asses down.
3. Straight up my peeps, peace out.
4. Shut up smartass.
5. Oh my hell!
6. Oooooh you fancy him!
7. after I made my friend Erica read Sugar(a British teen mag) we go around mispronouncing snogging(snugging, which pisses people off lol), and saying shagging, trainers(which doesn't work cuz everyone knows what trainers are), stupid wankers, and bloody hell. :p

lol I'm bored and I keep thinking of random shit to edit in.

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Name: Gabrielle Denise Smith
Age: 14.....i will be 15 on May 24
appearance: 5'7 1/2, about 130 pounds, blonde hair and green eyes, beautiful!!!!
loves: Lleyton, Lleyton, and more of him!! He is so sexy!!!! Not a big fan of Kim but I always root for her! I love tennis and I love to play tennis......the only bad thing about tennis is the Williams sisters and Agassi!!! I am going to Houston in November for the Masters Cup and I know Lleyton will be there so I don't need to worry about seeing his fine ass!!!! I also love shopping and going to parties! I would love to take Lleyton partying I bet I could show him a good time!
want to be when I grow up: a tennis player or Lleyton's wife.....both is great!

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I'll keep mine short so people will actually read it :p

Name: Jackie

Age: 19

Nationality: Australian

Loves: Music , tennis

Hates: Whinging people (there are quite a few on WTA World :p)

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Name: Emma - Louise but most people just call me Emma or Emz.

Name: I'm 15 and in year 10 at school

Nationality: My Mum was Irish and my Dad is English, but having never lived in Irealnd I consider myself English.

Love: Lleyton and Kim, all sports especially tennis and surfing, playing music and singing, proper music (Red Hot Chilli's, Foo Fighters, David Gray, Richard Ashcroft, Coldplay, Nirvana etc), Art, shopping

Hate: Steroetypers, whingers, cold weather, my hair going frizzy in the rain, maths and chemistry

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Oh Emzie, Coldplay is my favorite! I just got there new cd, and I love it! Whoops, sorry to ruin the thread of bios! Keep em coming!

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I love Coldplay, my friends think they are sucidal though! lol I got their second album a fe weeks ago, it's on repeat in my CD player!

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Errrr Im bored like seriosuly bored so Im going to do mine again and add more useless crap becuase errr.... Im bored! :eek: :p

Name: Marie or Maz or Mazza! :p

Age: 16!

Nationality: English

Ethnicity: Half english, Half Thai and part spanish. So that makes me half caste which I don't think many people knew!

Loves: Lleyt and Kimmie! :hearts: Boggo, Todd Reid, Tennis, F1, Music such as Radiohead, The Strokes, RHCP, Royksopp, Muse, Foo Fighters, Silverchair etc... Fashion esp. Designer Clothes, Vogue magazine (esp. Old Vogues!) Jak (meh! :eek: :p ) , Trollies, Bumming it, Sports in general, MAC make-up, Legolas, Miss Congeniality and my wonderful, but VERY scary friends! :eek: :D OH! AND FBREEZE!

Hates: Tim Henman, Sue Barker, Annabel Croft, The BBC, Eurosport tennis covarage when Henman is playing, Jak, Worthing, Cider, Pill Poppers, Parks, The Manor, Graphics lessons, German Lessons, Avril Lavigne, My school hat... acually the whole uniform really! :p

Interesting Factoids/Random remarks:
1) I have the coolest Barbie bed cover! :p
2) I have a bag and jeans obbsession! :eek: My fave is my LV bag and ALL of my Diesel jeans! :D
3) I am a bummer, but an active one! :p
4) I really really fancy Manhattan boy! :hearts: Well his name is John! :eek: :p But I love but hate my ex! Meh! :eek:
5) The hottest men around are Nick Valensi and Anthony Keidis! :hearts:
6) My favourite song is 'Paranoid Android' by Radiohead.

1) One brief shining moment and then THAT mouth! :p
2) We bumming it today? OR We gyming it today?
3) Thats hysterical!
4) Don't do a wankerboy!
5) Ugh! You're such a wannabe whore!
6) At least I don't go pilling!

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You must be really bored Maz :p

I would do mine but I still haven't recoverd from losing my whole biog post and I can't be assed to write the whole damn thing again :eek: :p

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Name: Nwando (the elusive)

Age: 18

Nationality: Nigerian-American

Ethnicity: African

Loves: Lleyton and Kim, Alias, men, Guga, Roger, footballers, Man U, the nightlife, intimacy, The Used, Gwyneth Paltrow

Hates: people who are racist, prejudice, insensitive

Interesting Factoids/Random remarks: I was Abraham Lincoln in my previous life

Mottos: No mottos, just words, particularly dorklette and dorkpod

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Name: Nathalie

Age: 15

Nationality: I'm from (cold) Denmark

Ethnicity: White

Loves: Lleyton and Kim(of course), tennis, Anne, Marie, Mette and Hinia(Elvish for Anya), everybody in this forum:):wavey::bounce:

Hates: Tryne and Maja(sometimes), Panova, when I'm depressed, people who acts like they are stupid and aren't(Tryne), raisins(?).

Interesting Factoids/Random remarks:
1)I work in a cinema(not interesting)
2)I often get 'crushes', but nobody ever get 'crushes' on me :sad:
3)I can be very crazy -especially with Hinia
4)I can very easily get depressed
5)Like T.A.T.U.
6)Play tennis, never played a tournament - afraid to lose -chicken!!!
7)Good at math
8)Wants to become a journalist
9)Going to see Lleyton on april 4th:bounce:

Don't really have ones, except;
Don't understand that....
Han er så DEJLIG/Lækker(means he is so cute/hot in danish)

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loves: kim and lleyton-playing tennis-sum41-doing nothing-my friends-shopping-going to the cinema-josh harnett-papa roach-chupa chups

hates: school-serena williams-see kim loose

sum41 rules
it's not my fault
yeah it's allwright you're a good kid
shut up i'm watching that
i'm bored

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Ethenticity-Welsh, Irish, German, Scottish

Loves- Lleyton, Pimpim, Kim etc plus a stack of other players, also love modern history, my fishies, cats, dog (i.e the Mop) all my friends, January, free periods, Maloo utes! :drool: and rain (esp. now)

Hates-early classes, getting up before 7am, the off-season, blood tests, major assessments, HSC....

-me and 2 of my friends are writing a book
-i have hypoglyceamia
-i wanna be a modern history teacher or a barrister when i leave school
-i wanna go on a road trip round australia (scary thing cos i hate long car trips-go figure)
-my favourite movies are Gladiator, Phantom of the Opera, Neverending Story, 10 things I hate about you and the Mummy
-i have been to 4 national championships for ten-pin bowling (canberra, brisbane, sydney, melbourne)
-my nicknames are Bella and Chicken (dont ask)
-i sleepwalk when im not in my own bed

Common Quotes:
- Friiiiieeeeeeend!
-Sam that's just wrong! Shut up!!!!!
-that is such a (insert name here) moment
-sure sure
-do i HAVE to??? (whines)
-peachy keen jelly bean
-i dont get it....*confused look*
-Coconuts migrate????
-prod prod :D
-i didnt SAY it was your fault! i said i was going to BLAME you!

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Name- Hannah Mary Rebecca (Hania, Miss Mary- only to my friend Chrissie though)

Age- 16

Nationality- English (unfortunately)

Ethnicity- White (half-english, my dad, half-irish, my mum)

Loves- Lleyki gossip!
David Boreanaz and Mark-Paul Gosselaar
When people actually believe I'm australian even though I do a CRAP accent
Coming out with witty, scathing comments although those are few and far between
infuriating people by correcting their spelling, (it's you're not your ok?!)
Hanging out and doing nothing with my friends
Wild parties (how pathetic does that sound?!)

Hates- Bitchy people (that's my job, ok?!)
Jelena Dokic
Science (with a venegance)
Tidying my room

Interesting Factoids/Random remarks-

I am a neighbours FANATIC and hate Lori soooooo much
I am a really big fan of Roman Polanski (that usually gets me a few weird looks) and even have his autobiography, which I made my friend track down on the internet for me
I'm also a big fan of Tatu (that also usually gets me a few weird looks)
I am jealous of Ashleigh cos she kinda knows Delta Goodrem
I cried non-stop towards the end of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
I have a crush on Daniel Radcliffe
I once fell flat on my back in the middle of McDonald's
I can't walk in a straight line

'You said it once and it wasn't funny and you continue to say it and it continues to not be funny'
'I'm gonna fail science'
'What the hell is wrong with you?'
'I am so retarded'
'Why can't I be normal'

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I love this thread!

Name: Alexandria or Ally
Age: 23
Nationality: American - Texas
Ethnicity: Greek

(Tennis related) Loves: Lleyton Hewitt, he's a god!

(Tennis related) Also Loves: Safin, Baghdatis, Moya (sorry Marly! please don't hate me!), Gaudio, Haas, JC Ferrero, Schuettler and Clement. That's all I can think of right off the top of my head. Oh, and I also love playing tennis too but I consistently suck ass in every area of my game.

Non-tennis related - loves: lunch breaks, 5:00 pm, weekends, friday nights, my friends, my cat, those new retro mustangs (my dream car is a blue one with big ole' white racing stripes, yeah), guys with cool foreign accents, blonde guys with long hair, all guys with long hair, guys with stubble--but not to out of control, wearing makeup, my hair, my eyes (with makeup), my boobs, my jeans, indy movies, HBO, Scrubs (my fave show right now), the tennis channel (ok, that's tennis again), shopping for makeup, shoes, handbags, clothes, (yeah, I'm a girly girl), music (Rap, asian dub, trance and anything really mellow and down-tempo), diet coke, and (have you noticed?) exclamation points!!!!

Non-tennis related - hates: waking up early on Mon-Fridays, rush hour traffic, Houston, my ass, my hips, my credit card bills, country music, studying.

My words to live by:
1) No matter how great your triumphs or how tragic your defeats remember that approximately one billion Chinese people couldn't care less (borrowed from some great thinker, don't know who).
2) The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you find someone to love the you you love, well, that's just fabulous. –Carrie Bradshaw

My mottos:
1) bite me
2) whatever
3) thank fuck for that!
4) fucking brilliant

I'm in denial about my Texas accent. I try to hide it but it comes out when I get pissed off or drunk.

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Name: Thelma
Age: 19
Nationality: Ireland
Ethnicity: White

(Tennis related) Loves: Lleyton Hewitt, Marat Safin, Andy Roddick, Joachim Johansson, Mario Ancic, Rafael Nadal, Oliver Rochus, Stefan Edberg, Marcos Baghdatis, Carlos Moya, Tomas Berdych, Kim Clijsters, Alicia Molic, Steffi Graff, Karolina Sprem, Mardy Fish.

Non-tennis related - loves: My boyfriend Walter, ;) :p horseback riding, kayaking, and surfing.

Favourites Quotes:
”Birds sing after a storm; why shouldn't people feel as free to delight in whatever sunlight remains to them?” - Rose Kennedy
“The most pitiful among men is he who turns his dreams into silver and gold.” - Kahlil Gibran

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This is a nice thread, Marly!

Here they are:

Name: Inne

Age: 13

Nationality: Indonesian

Ethnicity: 100% Indonesian!

Loves: Lleyton and Kim (of course!), Formula 1 (Kimi Raikkonen), good marks at school, travelling, internet, cool boys <:drool:>,delicious food, bla bla bla.

Hates: some tennis players:scratch:, sports at school, Michael Schumacher, Rebecca Cartwright, vegetables, boring teachers, Skirts and make-up, bla bla bla.

Interesting Factoids/Random remarks:
- I’m always in the top 3 in class.
- I always watch F1!!
- I live in a polluted city:devil:
- Wants to be a tennis player but never practiced!

Motto: I’m crazy right now!:p
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