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When you need somebody to hold you
When you need somebody to care
I'm the one, I'll always be
By your side eternally
When the world is folding around you
When you feel like no-one is there
Love is never wrong, forever on and on
And carries us along
When you need someone

Every second, every day gone by
If you feel you're losing time
Take a listen to your heart now, please don't fall apart
Cause you're never alone

When you need, need somebody
Need a hand, a hand to guide you
I'll be there waiting for you
When the world folds around you
Turn around I'm right behind you
And together we'll get by...


There will be those times that test our faith...
I guess this is 'the' time so keep fighting :)
Keep on fighting :angel:

Ps. I'll always be by your side... eternally :dance:
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