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Live scores from Bali -- Saturday

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Arantxa v. Sveta
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What time is this match scheduled to start? I have to leave for work in less than an hour, won't be able to stick around :( .
It said 15:30 Bali time, which I'm thinking is 3:30 AM, EST

The names just changed from the "upcoming" board to the "real" board about ten minutes ago, which I took as a sign they were beginning (it was that way yesterday anyway)
Oops! Guess that means Arantxa lost the toss! *LOL*

But 1-0 is good; VAMOS, ARANTXA!!!!!
Svetlana 2-1 :(

¡¡Vamos Arantxa!!
Unless of course Arantxa broke early, then Sveta broke back and then held -- which I actually hope is the case

2-1 Sveta
fight Arantxa fight!!
Arrrrgggghhhh, these scores are sooooo slow to change!!!
Arantxa 2-3

2-3 Arantxa -- way to hang on!

Still think that must be one break though
3-3, then 4-3 Arantxa

WAY TO GO!!!!!!
Arantxa 4-4 :D
Arantxa 5-4 !!!! :D

C'mon baby, focus and close out the set :) .

Gotta go soon so it would be nice to leave with a lead, c'mon nina! ;)
1 - 20 of 103 Posts
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