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Live Action on video feed/web-cam

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click the court for action

Central Court is with TV coverage.
other courts with stationary webcam.

All 4 courts
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Good work :yeah: Same as last year, right?
Amazing! :hearts:

I heard St. Petersburg has webcam this year, too.
that site is in russian no?cuz i might need some help:awww:!
Mara_M said:
that site is in russian no?cuz i might need some help:awww:!
do you see the Stadium layout ?
to right of it

Центральный корт = Centre Court

1-й корт = Court 1

and so on
last one is the Web Cam :wavey:
10x boiled egg:hug:
What Media Player link to the centr court??
wmp can link?or we need a special player?
Эта вещь сосет. Вебсайт не онлайн. :mad:
ok grinder....a lil of help with the translation:awww:?
It means "This things sucks, the website is not even online"
I'm loving this livecam.

Silvia :hearts:
when i went on it was not working:bigcry:....
now is asking me for a flash player or something:fiery:....i wanna see igor tomorrow....:bigcry:!
oh god it's working :hearts:!
Thanks TheBoiledEgg! :D
Max,Misha,Daniele :drool:
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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