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It was a terrible day yesterday.

For whatever reason, the students in little Lee's 4th grade class learned about hatching eggs to little chicken. The kids could make a condo for the chicken and to keep them for a week in their classroom. Little Lee made an excellent house with all facilities, a roof and even a yard with a creek. He named his chick and got very attached. But you can't keep a bunch of chicken in the classroom for long. So yesterday is the last day. Little Lee seemed OK when he came home and we went through the everyday ritual. Check if there's any homework to finish, go through his spelling list, signed his agenda, etc. During the time, little Lee kept saying to himself he wanted a chick. I didn't take real notice until he asked me to raise chicken in the house. I pulled out all the plausible reasons for not doing it and he started crying. Really crying because he's upset instead of as a way to get what he wants. I felt totally helpless because I knew I could not back down. There's no way we can raise a chick or two in the house for long and the ending would hurt him even worse than went through the storm. He kept blaming me and said things that hurt. :sad: Finally, he calmed down and everything seemed back to normal.

Before bed time, he came to my room very upset looking for a piece of brown paper towel. He used that piece of paper towel to hold the chick in school. I had to throw it away because of health reason. Also, I didn't think it's healthy mentally for him to cling onto that piece of paper. So, another big storm and he cried and cried. I felt like a real bitch but I had to stand film. Again, he said things that hurt although later he said he really didn't mean it but didn't apologise. They popped out because he's upset and I gave him quite a lesson. He was crying going to bed.

Although he's OK this morning, I really don't know when this problem will come up again.
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