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Comparisons are Odious
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Over the weekend, I watched the French movie, Lila Says. It was a very good movie, in my opinion, even causing me to contemplate some things about life. I've included the netflix's link to the movie.

It's the first time I've watched a French movie that focused on life in the French slums. So much similarity to life in the American ghetto and trailer trash parks. I also found the concerns, despair, and limited hope for the future to also be quite similar to the American experiences.

What was particularly nice was the love story that developed between the very sexual Lila and Chimo(a French arab). The story of Chimo's friends reminded me of some not so nice guys I've known in my life. It brought back memories of my high school days.........even though I wasn't raised in a similar environment. What was familiar was the leer of Chimo's friends. It happens in every culture and in every level of society. Even though Lila was hurt, and I cried along with her, I am happy that Chimo stood up for her and was able to turn his back on those friends.
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